My name is Heather New, I started engraving in a small shop in downtown Edmonton in the Early 80’s, where I took care of over 100 jewellery stores. I was engraving everything from I.D. bracelets to wine goblets to pocket watches….and more…items which other engravers said could not be done, I soon learned to do!!! This was when I first met Frank.

Frank Gurney was (and still is) the best Hand-Engraver in Canada….He is a true artist and craftsman, and along with the Alberta Apprenticeship Program, arranged for me to be his understudy!! I was thrilled!!! I learned so much from Frank in those years, confidence, trouble-shooting, and above all HUMOUR!!!! We spent hours working and laughing (hoy-deedle-doy!!) He taught me so many things before he eventually retired out near Victoria B.C.

I then moved on to the largest Jewellery store in Canada!!! I was doing all of their machine engraving, as well as custom wedding bands, and one-of-a-kind jewellery pieces… They treated me like gold, and I will always be thankful for the kindness I experienced there. I relocated near Calgary, Alberta, and began working for a gigantic company with more talent than I had ever seen gathered in one place….I naturally did the engraving there, and also moved on to operating CNC machines, and hand-carving moulds used in casting.. I also became a programmer… writing the programs which would later be used by the CNC machines to cut the actual moulds. I learned so much there… and will have years of fond memories of the amazing people I worked with.…

I started New-Line Engraving in the summer of 2005. I hand-carved an inspection cover for my good buddy “Chicken” and with her over-whelming encouragement, (she cried when she saw it) I decided to branch out into custom bike carving too… (after all, a derby cover is just like a signet ring, only BIGGER”)



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